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The popular song I am a cup is one of the most used by the entertainers of children’s parties in Madrid in order to liven up any type of children’s celebration. Its lyrics begin with the typical phrases: «I am a cup, a teapot, a spoon, a fork. I am a knife, a deep dish, a shallow dish, a ladle.» Each part has a corresponding choreography.
The current success of the children’s song I am a cup exemplifies the good health and importance that some of the repertoire of children’s songs of popular origin continue to have today. Thanks to this type of songs:

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The chuchuwa is one of the three most famous singing games because its rhythm and fun steps have transformed them into the soul of children’s parties, there is no CD of singing games that does not include a chuchuwa.
This cantajuegos is the most fun of all, El tallarin! Yoli Animadora will indicate which movement to perform, when the singer or entertainer indicates the choreography and fun movements, it can be done in group.
We have already seen the three most famous cantajuegos in Europe, these songs are ideal for children’s parties, or if you prefer your children to have fun at home, you can play videos of cantajuegos for them to move the skeleton for a while and entertain themselves.

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i am a cup a teapot

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