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Tadeo Jones es un cortometraje de animación español de 2004 dirigido por Enrique Gato. Cuenta la historia de Tadeo Jones, un aventurero que entra en una pirámide donde encuentra una familia de momias. El proyecto de esta película nació cuando Gato quiso hacer un cortometraje que contuviera más acción y humor que sus anteriores proyectos, por lo que decidió hacer una parodia del género de aventuras, cuya figura representativa es Indiana Jones. La historia contiene muchos elementos de la serie de películas de Los Cazadores del Arca Perdida (Indiana Jones). La sinopsis, en palabras del director, es la siguiente: «El aventurero Tadeo Jones es un poco tonto, pero se obstina en explorar una antigua pirámide y se topará con una familia de momias»[a][2][3].
La película ganó sesenta y cinco premios, incluyendo un premio Goya al mejor cortometraje de animación y un BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), y fue preseleccionada para la lista del Oscar al mejor cortometraje de animación, pero no recogió la nominación como uno de los 5 cortos seleccionados. Dos años más tarde, hubo una secuela de la película llamada Tadeo Jones and the Basement of Doom (Tadeo Jones y el sótano de la perdición)[4] En 2012 se estrenó un largometraje de animación, Tad, The Lost Explorer (Tad, el explorador perdido), con Tadeo Jones como protagonista[4].

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Starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz and created by Nick Santora, Most Dangerous Game is an action series whose protagonist, Dodge Maynard, is willing to do anything to save the life of his pregnant wife, who is suffering from a serious illness. To do so, he agrees to participate in a dangerous game. Premiere: September 24 Premiere: September 24 -FILMS- Tadeo Jones 2: The Secret of King Midas
Barely a month after its theatrical release, this dramatic comedy directed by James D’Arcy and starring Liam Neeson as a London artist who decides to return to Italy with his son after his wife’s sudden death. The two don’t have much of a relationship, but together they set out to sell the house the deceased has left them as an inheritance in Tuscany. Premiere: September 24 Bendita adolescencia Exclusive premiere on Movistar+ of this comedy about a young teenager who is about to come of age, but does not know what he wants in life. To help him, he only has a rather troubled friend. Premiere: September 25 DISNEY+

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We start the week with a highly recommended film. It is Lady Bird, about a Sacramento student, her relationships and her personal growth. Starring the talented Saoirse Ronan and featuring Timothée Chalamet, the fashionable actor.
You can start the weekend with Muggers: The Series, a French thriller whose season 1 premieres on Friday. In this series a skilled thief and his gang will be immersed in a savage war to protect his family.
If you’re not convinced and prefer horror, you can always give the miniseries, from the creator of The Curse of Hill House, Midnight Mass (about a mysterious priest who arrives in a community in crisis) a chance while the little ones are watching My Little Pony: A New Generation on the other TV in the house.
The series Roswell, New Mexico and Britannia release new episodes (season 3, season 9 and season 3, season 5) while HBO also takes the opportunity to offer its subscribers season 7 (yes, in full) of The Flash.

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Mike Flanagan’s new work for Netflix talks about religion, more specifically about a community on the verge of extinction and that practically does not believe in anything until the arrival of a charismatic priest with whom miracles will begin to happen and the religious spirit of the series will be renewed.
New characters and plots come into the lives of the workers and patients of Los Arcos Hospital in a third season full of hope, emotion and learning. A mix of the new and the known under the current healthcare prism.
The reference film of all kinds of audiovisual communication first arrives to Disney Plus. Starring Ryan Gosling, Driver works in a garage and is a specialist film driver, but, some nights sporadically, he works as a chauffeur for criminals. Shannon, his boss, who knows well his talent at the wheel, looks for film and television directors as well as criminals who need the best driver for their escapes, taking the corresponding commission. Everything will change when he meets Irene, his neighbor.