Añadir efectos a fotos

Rgb effect online

Applying effects to a photo often gives very nice results. Just look at the examples in this chapter of the digital photography course. Make a photo black and white, blur some parts or change colors. You can do it all! For example, making a photo collage is also a popular technique.
In the previous article (photo editing) we talked about the steps you can take to improve your digital photos. To do this, you use specially developed photo software such as Picasa or Photoshop.
Photoshop was originally designed by Lucas Filmstudio (known for Starwars, among other things). Adobe took over the application and turned it into a user-friendly program. The program has taken off, partly because many people nowadays have a digital camera. But it is still primarily a program for professionals.
If you want to edit a photo it is important to work with the right tools. You can isolate a part of your image, mask another part or combine complete parts from one photo with another. For all these operations you need to be able to select.

Putting effects on photos

Create beautiful images with free photo effects.You’ll create a striking photo in just a few clicks with our free online photo editor. Use filters, animations, detailed refinement options and more.Add photo effects now
Improve the image in an instant.Further customize your photo with photo enhancement tools. Adjust your photo’s exposure for extra contrast, adjust brightness, enhance highlights and deepen shadows. Adjust the colors to your liking with the Saturation and Warmth options. Then use the Sharpen option to sharpen a blurry photo or give the image sharp edges.
Make the image move.Transform your images into moving designs with the Animation feature. Choose from a selection of animation effects and bring the photo to life in your design. With this tool, you will capture the attention of your audience on all digital platforms.

Photo editor

Cool app to spice up selfies with spectacular effects, a romantic beauty filter or exotic backgrounds. To edit a photo from your gallery, tap the little circle above the big button.
Photo fun website with all kinds of photo montages: put yourself on a painting or transform yourself into a movie star, superhero or Santa Claus. It works best with large close-ups taken straight from the front.
Put yourself on a painting or billboard, or decorate yourself with filters and festive effects. All you have to do is upload a photo. Also for pimping a photo for a birthday: search for birthday.

Aging filter

Important: When you edit a photo, the photo will be changed not only in the photo library but also in all albums, slideshows, and projects (such as a photo book, card, or calendar) in which the photo appears. If you want to edit a photo but don’t want the changes to appear in all the places the photo appears, make a copy of the photo and then edit that copy. However, there are certain effects you can apply to photos in projects and to photos at the time of printing. The photos in the photo library will then not be altered.