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Discover how to download Instagram videos online with these 5 amazing platforms that will let you get them without ads during the video and for free. Forget about annoying registrations and subscriptions, here you will discover the best alternative to download your favorite IG content.
With a powerful search engine, an easy-to-use interface and unlimited access, Snaptube becomes the ultimate way to download Instagram videos online. You won’t have to worry about advertising or annoying ads either, plus it’s a free application, which doesn’t require prior registration for you to use it.
Vidmate is another one of the most reliable alternatives to download videos to watch offline from your Android device. In it you can download your favorite audiovisual content for free, and it is also very easy to use thanks to its simple and understandable interface.
This alternative is excellent if you are looking to download private Instagram videos online without getting too complicated. Besides, you won’t have to worry about limitations, since it is a website with unlimited access that you can use as many times as you need.

Download private instagram videos

In addition, the process could not be simpler. You copy the link of the page where the video is posted. The online download tool will detect it and give you the option to download the video to your device. In most cases, with the possibility to choose the saving format (audio, video) and/or the quality (up to HD, Full HD or 4K if available).
First recommendation, You copy the video link, paste it in the corresponding field, click on Search and download. You can choose to download videos from YouTube and other sources or keep only the audio.


Instagram remains the leading platform for sharing photos and videos online. Since its launch in 2010, it has expanded tremendously to include a lot of amazing features and updates. Now, the app not only lets you share photos and videos in your Instagram posts, it also allows you to upload images and clips that automatically disappear after 24 hours via Instagram Story.
However, users still insist on wanting to do it anyway, so they have found ways. There are many different approaches to downloading and saving someone else’s Instagram live video stream. It’s not our place at TechJunkie to decide whether you should do this or not; that’s between you and the person whose video you want to archive. All we’re here to do is show you the tools you can use, or not use, as you see fit.
There are countless screen recording apps out there, both for desktop users and mobile devices. In fact, for desktop Macs, the new iOS 11 Control Center comes with a built-in recording feature, so you don’t need to install anything additional. iPhone users can get Capture from TechSmith for free. It’s pretty easy to use, and clicking that link will take you to the instructions for use.

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Do you want to download videos from Instagram Online and not miss the contents of your favorite accounts? If you are here, I’m sure that at some point you have wanted to save on your device (mobile, PC or Mac) certain files to view them later.
And the fact is that, every day, more and more people discover what Instagram is and what is its enormous potential. Just as they find, the thousands of Apps and tools that a user has to improve the quality or apply filters and visual effects to their visual content.
No, you can’t anymore. Some time ago, it was possible to download them manually, through a series of commands and a combination of clicks on areas of your Timeline. Unfortunately, we now have to use external tools.
This makes us think that this manual functionality has been blocked by the platform itself. However, read on, as there are tools that can help us to achieve what you came here looking for.