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The main changes are those that are not visible to the naked eye. These improve the accessibility and productivity of office tasks, such as storing documents in the cloud and working on them collaboratively in real time, either from the Windows or Mac desktop, or through the Office mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile).
It is very important to consider that this is a trial version, which means that you have a period of time to evaluate all its functions. You can download Office 2016 and try it for free for thirty days. After this period you must purchase a license if you want to continue using the product.


Microsoft has just announced the arrival of a special new Office app for Windows 10, one that focuses on the free version of the office suite, that is, Office online, that version that many do not remember exists.
This is a rather important update for the My Office app, which from now on will be renamed simply «Office», and which any Windows 10 user will be able to install and use for free without needing an Office 365 account or an Office 2019 license.
The new Office app also allows you to access the files you have stored on your device locally, in addition to those you have in OneDrive or SharePoint and use them to work offline.
Another interesting addition is that in this application you will find a complete list of services and Office apps available along with tutorials and links to learn more about them and how to use them.

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Microsoft currently maintains 3 different versions of Office. On the one hand the 2016 version, one of the most used versions that saw the light along with Windows 10 and will continue to have support until 2025. Then we can find Office 2019, the update of the 2016 edition with several improvements and corrections, and Office 365, the subscription model that allows us to take full advantage of the office suite thanks to its integration with the cloud.
Broadly speaking, both suites are the same. Moreover, to be specific, Office 365 includes the programs of the 2019 office suite. The main differences between these two alternatives lie in the additional services and the price.
To all this we can add the fact that we can pay for the use of Office, only those months in which we really need it. All we have to do is sign up or cancel our subscription, depending on our needs for that month. In the long run, this can help us, on the one hand, to get more out of Microsoft’s office suite. Moreover, if we think about it carefully, even Office 365 will be useful to us when it comes to saving a few euros. Be that as it may, the first thing to consider is the time and type of use we want or need to make of the programs that make up the productivity suite as such.

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As usual in many applications focused on work environments, keyboard shortcuts are true allies of productivity. The fact of not having to raise your hands to move the cursor saves throughout the workday a good amount of time. Of course, these are also ideal for school or more personal tasks. Office is one of those programs where keyboard shortcuts are most needed. Do you want to move through your documents like a real expert? Don’t miss the compilation of the best shortcuts for Office. See