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Jango boasts a free unlimited streaming service. «A free personalized radio that plays what you like to listen to». You can create custom radio stations with your favorite bands or singers and it will play these and others like them. There are also lists already created and divided by genre and Jango has an option to listen to it through the website but also with apps for iOS or Android.
In the case of wanting to remove ads, choose to pass the song or bet on a mode «offline» we can bet on Deezer Premium for 9.99 euros per month or Deezer Family for 14.99 euros per month but that allows us to create up to six different profiles and we can spread the costs so that it comes out as cheap as possible. There is no permanence and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.
You can use the web but there is also an app available for Android and iOS where you can listen to live radio or even access exclusive content, link to Apple Music or Spotify or listen to the playlists created by the different thematic programs.

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We also offer you the opportunity to discover new radios easily so you can enjoy a listening experience in tune with your tastes. Try searching directly by station name or browse our lists divided by music genre or by location.
In addition, you can quickly and easily access your favorite online radios in the «My List» section on the top bar of the page. To create your personal playlist, just click on the heart symbol that appears under the station name when you are listening to it.

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8tracks is considered heir to the radio stations of the 80’s and 90’s and the creation of music playlists by humans and not by algorithms. Maybe that’s what has kept it as a favorite among users since its creation in 2006. 8tracks also has an app for iOS, Android and Windows.
Through the #Music channel, YouTube is responsible for creating playlists of the most popular music videos in each country, but you can also simply search for the artist you want and start a playlist that is playing while you work or do other things on your computer, or play any of the lists put together by the community.

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The problem we find with YouTube is the large number of ads, ads that sometimes and at certain times of the day, are a real barbarity that takes away the desire to continue using the platform.
If you like to discover new artists of musical genres that are those that are heard daily on the radio and sometimes make us lose faith in humanity, we can give a chance to Soundcloud. Through the SoundCloud website, we have access to more than 150 million songs without having to register on the platform.
In terms of functions, little or rather nothing has to send to Spotify Web, where we have access to playlists already made by the platform itself or create our own lists based on our tastes.
A curious feature offered by Deezer is the ability to listen to the playlists of our friends on the platform, which will allow us to learn more about their musical tastes and if it really deserves to continue the relationship (irony).