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Another playlist that we have at our disposal is Películas competas en castellano. In this case we will have movies of all kinds of genres and we will be able to enjoy thanks to this excellent playlist, It’s been a while since they updated it, but it is true that it has many different titles. We will be able to enjoy comedies of Bud Spencer as «The Supersheriff», other somewhat crazy as «Crazy Combat Academy», «The Jungle Book» (1994 version), «Summer Storm». «Fiesta a la Americana» or «Diary of a Skin».
The Public Domain Full Movies channel allows you to watch Charlie Chaplin movie, The Wizard of Oz, Nosferatu… The classics of 20th century cinema that are available to watch for free on YouTube like Cyrano de Bergerac, for example. It is totally free and you will be able to activate subtitles.
An alternative option to watching movies for free on YouTube is to rent them. It’s not the same, of course, because you will have to pay. But the advantage is that the cost is very low, just a couple of euros, and you will be able to watch newer and more modern titles or watch them from any device. From the MOVIES section of YouTube you can find a huge list of movies that you can rent, from children’s themes to science fiction, horror, adult, documentaries…

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In this 31-minute film, the brilliant artist played a tramp who saves a damsel in distress while strolling through the woods with more money than he has probably ever seen.
It is ironic that the first recreation of a vampire that was based on Bram Stoker’s novel could not be literal as they did not have the necessary rights to do so. For that reason, the count protagonist of the film was not called Dracula, but Orlok. However, both share the same bloodlust and cause the same terror in the viewers.
It was this «inspiration» in Bram Stoker’s Dracula that almost put a complete end to this masterpiece of German expressionism embodied by its director F.W Murnau since, after losing a lawsuit with the writer’s widow, a judge ordered the destruction of all Nosferatu negatives found in Germany.
Do you like science fiction films full of special effects and beings from other galaxies? Metropolis was a pioneer in this field and, while cinema had barely begun to take its first steps, Fritz Lang was already directing the first science fiction film to employ what could be considered the origin of special effects.

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In addition to music videos, tutorials, product and video game reviews and trailers and all those things you usually check out daily on YouTube, the platform offers something you might not even have considered: full movies! Want examples? In this selection we bring you the best free movies on YouTube right now.
This 1991 psychological thriller (winner of an Oscar in each of the five major categories) brings us Jodie Foster as an FBI trainee named Clarice Starling. Her investigation of a brutal murder leads her to seek information on another equally terrifying killer: Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a brilliant psychiatrist who is in prison as a result of his penchant for killing and eating people. Considered one of the best horror films of all time, it is as terrifying as it is fascinating.
Free to Play is a documentary from game developer and distributor Valve Entertainment, which focuses on two athletes and a coach competing in the 2011 Defense of the Elders International (DotA) tournament. It explores the tensions gamers are forced to face and deftly compares the struggles of eSports athletes to those of traditional athletes.

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In this article we will know where to watch free movies online in HD without cuts, and thus enjoy with family, alone or with friends of the best movies of today as well as the history of cinema. Know the best sites to watch movies for free.
Free Guy, the new movie, is approaching its release date and the best actor is getting ready for one of his most luxurious and entertaining performances, so, a few days before that date, here are the most important details you should know not to miss this upcoming live action movie.
To save their lives, Free Guy challenges Satan to a rock duel, which under the terms of the «demon code» he cannot refuse. The terms, suggested by JB, are that if Free Guy wins, Satan must return to hell and pay the former’s rent, but if they lose, Satan will take KG to hell and make him his sex slave. After the duel, Satan declares that his rock is better and tries to shoot KG with an energy beam. JB jumps in his direction, and the beam bounces off his guitar, breaking off a piece of Satan’s horn. Since Satan is sketchy again, JB sends him to hell with a magic charm.