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The idea of this article is that if you want to start reading digital comics, you have here enough tools to start doing it. You will find both western comics and manga, either professional or creations made by the indie community. All tastes and genres have a place.
And the alphabetical order has wanted us to start not with a website or application to download comics or read them online, but with one that serves to visualize those comics that you have downloaded on your mobile. In this case, it is an exclusive application for Android, one of the best rated and reads ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR files and JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP images.
The app has features such as scrolling through images, bookmarking, and horizontal and vertical viewing modes. You can move the folders where you have the content, view the list or number of images and crop their margins.
The page focuses on selling the American editions of comics, which means that most of them you will find them in English. In addition to a complete catalog and perfectly organized into sections, you will also find other interesting sections, such as the section of free comics or packs on offer.

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For no one is a secret that the most important comic book houses have taken a remarkable boom over time, especially for its popularity in the film world. Therefore, they have billions of fans around the world, but many cannot access such content.
In this sense, if you want to spend hours and hours enjoying the stories of your favorite superheroes, in this post we will present you the best alternatives that exist today. Being websites that host from the most classic comics to the most current ones.
Basically, this website in English consists of a database that hosts a large number of old comics, that is, from the golden age. As well as graphic novels that are extremely fun and interesting to read for a long time. It even allows you to download them for free.
In case you are a fan of reading comics and at the same time, you like to read manga or watch anime, this website is one of the most ideal for you. It offers a long list of content for comics and another one for manga, but everything is in English.

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These are the best websites to read or download free comics that you can read on your PC, mobile or tablet. You will also find some mobile applications and programs to read them comfortably.
This website is a classic among the comic download websites. It has a large catalog of comcs to download for free from many publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics, Image, IDW Publishing, ONI Press, ICON, VERTIGO, AVATAR and Dark Horse.
If your thing is not downloading but you want to have a good collection at your disposal to read them at any time, here you can find the best websites where you can read free comics online.
If you have a mobile or tablet Android, Apple or a computer with Windows, macOS or LINUX and want to read the downloaded comics here are some apps and programs that allow you to read them in .cbr format, which is the format in which comics usually come, and PDF.

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Do you watch all the superhero releases, both in theaters and on streaming services, and feel anxious to learn more about the fantastic universe they come from? This hobby can become quite expensive and take up a lot of space in your home, especially if you don’t have large shelves or dedicated spaces for it. To solve this problem, we recommend a number of apps for reading comics online on Android.
ComiXology is possibly the biggest company that currently exists in the online comic market. It is a subsidiary of Amazon, and its portal is also used by other apps in the same sector, such as DC Comics, the publishing house that publishes Superman, Batman, The Flash, etc.
The official app for fans of Captain America, Spiderman, The Avengers and all the superheroes belonging to the Marvel Universe. The official app of the publisher brings with it a collection of more than 28 thousand comics, all of them accessible as long as you pay for the service.