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«One can still feel the tremors produced by the political earthquake that Ayuso’s overwhelming victory in the Community of Madrid represents, which, not because it was foreseeable, as the polls announced, is less surprising because of the consequences it has already had in the short term», she reasoned.
The communicator of Cadena SER has explained that the first consequence has been «the withdrawal from politics of who until four days ago was the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, as in the medium and long term we will see what happens now in the government of Pedro Sánchez».
«Today the butterfly effect unleashed in Murcia, has strengthened a PP even further to the right, has burst the center, with the final blow to Ciudadanos, has sunk the PSOE with the worst result in its history and has opened a space to the left that no longer leads United We can if not a party, More Madrid, «he reasoned.

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During Euro 2008, together with Nico Abad, she presented for Cuatro from the Plaza de Colón in Madrid (also known in Cuatro as «Plaza Roja») the special edition of Zona Cuatro on the occasion of the special coverage that was deployed to broadcast the European Championship.
At the end of 2012, she was hired by the documentary network Discovery Max to present and narrate Y el mundo cambió (And the world changed). The program consists of four chapters in which dramatizations and interviews show us how an invention (cars, skyscrapers, cell phones) has changed our lives. It premiered on November 27, 2012 at 10:30 pm.
In 2021, during the debate organized by Cadena SER on the Elections to the Assembly of Madrid, between four of the five candidates for the presidency of the autonomous community -(Ángel Gabilondo, PSOE-M; Edmundo Bal, Ciudadanos; Rocío Monasterio, Vox and Pablo Iglesias, Unidas Podemos Izquierda Unida Madrid en Pie)-, he begged the candidate of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, not to leave the debate, after a confrontation with the candidate of Vox, Rocío Monasterio.[11][12] In the same year, during a debate organized by Cadena SER on the Elections to the Assembly of Madrid, the candidate of Vox, Rocío Monasterio, was asked to leave the debate[13].

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Sources consulted by Invertia indicate that this process should not take too long and that everything will be resolved by the first week of June at the latest. From then on, a great revolution will begin at Cadena Ser, where no one’s seat is guaranteed.
Between the two of them, they have lost 800,000 followers (400,000 each), which leaves them in a very bad position with regard to an eventual renewal for next season. These sources even indicate that it is most likely that neither of them will be on the microphones of Cadena Ser in September.

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The mayor of Camargo, Esther Bolado, will be one of the guests of this program in which the Cave of El Pendo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and which is one of the main exponents of the cultural heritage of the municipality, will have a special role.
Hoy por Hoy’ will also inform the whole country about the hobby of a local man from Camargue who collects historic bicycles, among other contents related to the municipality that will be shown throughout the broadcast.