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El secreto de Puente Viejo fue una telenovela española producida por Boomerang TV para Antena 3. La serie se estrenó en Antena 3. La serie se emitió originalmente del 23 de febrero de 2011 al 20 de mayo de 2020[1].
Mientras tanto, Aurora (Victoria Camps Medina) regresa tras graduarse en el internado y Candela ayuda a Tristán a reconciliarse con su hija. Resulta que la chica no es Aurora, sino su amiga Jacinta, que se enfadó y robó la vida de la verdadera Aurora, enviándola a la India. La verdadera Aurora (Ariadna Gaya) logra regresar y con la ayuda de Martín y María desenmascara a Jacinta que huye. Tristán se reencuentra con sus hijos pero su feliz convivencia se convierte en un trágico final cuando Jacinta regresa y lo asesina en su boda con Candela. Antes de su boda, Tristán decide perdonar a Francisca y reconciliarse con su madre, pero ella se niega. Tras la boda, Jacinta dispara a Candela, pero el proyectil alcanza a Tristán, que estaba abrazado a ella, y muere. Francisca visita su tumba y llora desconsoladamente por la pérdida de su hijo.

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After 12 seasons and more than 2300 episodes, ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’ reached its end this Wednesday, May 20, with an explosive chapter that has not exactly left its followers indifferent, and surely not to anyone who discovers how it was decided to close this long-lived series of Antena 3.
Surely you will think that it can not be so bad, but the denouement of ‘The Secret of Puente Viejo’ was based on Don Filiberto, the village priest executes his revenge without knowing if he will have God’s forgiveness and blows up the town using several explosives.
I don’t think anyone saw something like that coming, but well, it’s a way of trying to close the story before returning to Francisca and Raimundo to say goodbye to them forever. And then comes an unexpected dedication to all the victims of the coronavirus, a note perhaps a little out of place. Not surprisingly, fans of the series were quick to comment on what they had just seen:

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On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, at 22:15h, the first episode was broadcasted, being the prime time leader. From Monday of the same month, the series began airing from Monday to Friday at 17:15h.
On March 23, it was announced that from March 27 the series would be broadcast from Monday to Thursday, while on Fridays the special Hasta siempre, Puente Viejo was broadcast, where the best moments of the series from its beginnings were remembered. On Friday, May 8, the episode was rebroadcast.[6] On May 11, it was announced that the series was to be rebroadcast on May 11.
On May 11, it was announced that the series would continue to be broadcast in the afternoon slot until May 15, and its final episode would be broadcast in prime time on May 19, 2020, although the following day it was announced that the finale would be delayed to May 20. [7]
On May 20, the final episode of the series was broadcast, being the leader in prime time and with an audience of 1,740,000 viewers and a 13% share, thus ending a series that is already part of television history.[8]

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It seemed that Cupid had shot his arrows towards Sebas with the arrival of Dora, but his love for Pastora is so strong that some words from his still wife have made him think more about reconciliation than about his new adventure. Does she really want to go back to him? Should he forgive her after the abandonment?
We pass the halfway point of the month of October with a very full lineup and we are visited by David Bustamante, Imanol Arias and his son, the actor Jon Arias, Abril Zamora and we will close the week with Tamara Falcó. All this they come to tell us!
Actors Imanol and Jon Arias are father and son in real life and work together in the play ‘Muerte de un viajante’. Pablo Motos has asked Jon if when his father works with him he «goes into professional mode» or does not stop being in family mode. The two have talked about how to separate the two types of relationships in their visit to ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’.
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