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Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) se ha convertido desde los años 70 en el mayor sindicato de España. Cuenta con más de un millón de afiliados, y es el sindicato con más éxito en las elecciones laborales, compitiendo con la Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT) (históricamente afiliada al Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSOE]), y con la anarcosindicalista Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), que suele quedar en un lejano tercer lugar.
Las CCOO fueron organizadas en los años 60 por el Partido Comunista de España (PCE) y grupos obreros católicos para luchar contra la España franquista y por los derechos laborales (en oposición a los «sindicatos verticales» no representativos de la Organización Laboral Española). Las distintas organizaciones formaron una sola entidad tras un Congreso celebrado en 1976 en Barcelona.
Junto con otros sindicatos como la Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) y la UGT, convocó una huelga general en 1976 y llevó a cabo protestas contra las condiciones del país. Marcelino Camacho, gran figura del sindicalismo español y miembro del PCE, fue secretario general de CCOO desde su fundación hasta 1985 – fue elegido diputado en el Congreso de los Diputados en las elecciones de 1977.

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La Confederación Sindical de CC.OO. es una central sindical de prestigio y democrática que confiere a las federaciones y confederaciones estatales de sindicatos de ámbito nacional y regional. Defiende los intereses profesionales, económicos, políticos y sociales de los trabajadores y trabajadoras en todos los ámbitos laborales.
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The list for the General Secretariat has gone ahead with 202 votes in favor and 131 abstentions, an endorsement of 63% of which Paloma López feels «tremendously proud». «It is very good because this forces me not to get lost, it forces me to know that I have to do my job every day and it forces me to know that we have to build with strength everything we want. Therefore, this organization is a living organization and knows very well what it wants and I think it has voted, as always, in a correct way», he explained this Friday at a press conference.
For its part, the Executive Committee has been approved by 317 in favor and 16 abstentions, that is, a support of around 96%. It will be made up of 17 secretariats, plus the General Secretariat, with an «equitable» distribution of the two candidacies that competed in the unitary list.
«Our union sections are the soul of the union and that is where we want to strengthen our presence and our proposal to reach all workers in our natural environment, which is the world of the company and also strengthen our proposal, which we have, which is good, very good, in society, in the street, and promote this whole process of social dialogue with the appropriate mobilizations,» he stressed.

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A: This is the first time that the general secretariat is held by a woman and it is important to send a very important message to society in general. In fact, the presence of women everywhere is very developed and well established, and we have to break with certain dynamics. And the fact that women occupy high positions makes them more visible.
We are very used to seeing women in health, education, care… but we see few women in such an important decision-making area as the general secretary of a trade union. We have also had a very high percentage of women members during this period, which we consider very important. A great social mobilization in terms of women and gender. A great representation of women in all areas and the union is what it has done, a reflection of what is happening socially.
Madrid has tremendous potential in all senses and we can not stay only in developing based on the capital and a sector. We must make a firm commitment to innovation, research, digitalization, green economy and circular economy. A commitment to everything that comes recommended to us from Europe. From Comisiones Obreras we have very strong and consolidated proposals and what we want is to open a framework for social dialogue to put our proposals on the table and to develop them. An industrial plan has been signed. Let this industrial plan be implemented. A recovery plan with employment plans has also been signed.