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PAIS-VASCOPAÍS VASCOBASQUEHarassment of Basque PP youth: «There are at least two organized groups coming for us «Militants of Casado’s party fear pressure from two organized groups after the aggression suffered by Ander García, beaten after calling him ‘facha’. «When they say that Otegi is the best and that Vox should be killed, a very dangerous discourse is generated «Pablo Casado next to Ander Garcia, the young PP member who was assaulted last Saturday in Vitoria.PREMIUMAnualized Monday,

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Angulas Aguinaga: from repudiated for ‘betraying Basque cuisine’ to applause for the miracle of gluttonyThe Ertzaintza investigates the appearance in Aizarnazabal of the body of a woman with signs of criminality214 commentsFive deputies from PSOE, PP, Podemos, Cs and Bildu launch a joint video for a 2021 «free of tension»
23 commentsThe unstoppable rise of Basque nationalism: constitutionalism only managed to win in one municipality276 commentsMap of the elections in the Basque Country: see who won in each municipality

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The Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV) published the call for eight scholarships for the training of young people in the area of External Action for the period 2021-2022. The registration period is one month from the date of publication in the BOPV, which was this Wednesday, the 1st.
The Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV) publishes the resolution through which the 2021 grants for Basque centers, federations and confederations of centers are called, whose deadline for submitting applications is September 17.
Euskadi shared, in six meetings during the month of May, its experience in institutional management for the promotion of smart industry with the government of the Argentine province of Cordoba, through the SPRI Group. The themes of the exchange roundtables revolved around Industrial Management, ‘Clustering’, Industry 4.0, ‘Entrepreneurship’, Circular Economy and Parks, Industrial Estates and Robotic Parks.
The University of the Basque Country includes for the first time in its offer of studies a postgraduate degree on Basque Diaspora. The postgraduate course on Basque Diaspora is born as a training program with a clear international and inter-university orientation. It will be taught in a mixed ‘virtual-face-to-face’ format between September 2021 and May 2022.

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21 commentsInterior transfers another seven etarras, six of them will go to Basque prisons about to be managed by the PNV106 commentsOperation Stalin: the ‘guerrilla’ of Roberto and Fermín to implement the «revolutionary violence».
238 commentsOrtuzar now demands Sánchez to speed up transfers and the TAV in September in exchange for stabilityÁlvaro Domecq, before Morante’s commitment in Huelva: «Bullfighters have to get used to kill everything «18 commentsMendia and Illa demand the presence of Urkullu and Aragones to the Conference of Presidents of Sánchez