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After getting started in that exciting and enthusiastic month of January, March 11, 2014 was the date chosen to crystallize his proposal into something tangible. His goal at that time: «To turn indignation into political power to break with the current situation». That was Iglesias’ letter of introduction for the European elections. To overthrow what he defined as «the caste».
Even his former idol, Evaristo Páramos, singer and living legend of the punk group La Polla Records, has made reference to the premature old age, to that self-absorption, to the languor in which the left, which Iglesias represents, has been living for many months. A movement that was said for a long time that it was going to be the left «of change». These have been his words this week.
Pablo Iglesias speaks clearly and forcefully. Perhaps that is why his classes at the Faculty of Political Science in Somosaguas were so successful among students. Those were the times when, emulating the scene of The Dead Poets Club, he climbed on the chair and invited his students to do the same.

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Pablo Iglesias Turrión (pronunciación en español: [ˈpaβlo iˈɣlesjas tuˈrjon]; nacido el 17 de octubre de 1978) es un politólogo y ex político español que fue vicepresidente segundo del Gobierno y ministro de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030 del Gobierno de España entre 2020 y 2021. Fue secretario general de Podemos desde 2014 hasta 2021, organización que ayudó a fundar.
Antes, fue profesor de Ciencias Políticas en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y presentador de televisión. Fue elegido diputado al Parlamento Europeo en las elecciones de 2014 como principal candidato del recién creado Podemos. El 15 de marzo anunció que dejaría el gobierno para presentarse en la lista de Unidos Podemos a las elecciones autonómicas madrileñas de 2021,[1][2] dejando la política poco después de los malos resultados de Unidos Podemos en las urnas[3].
Pablo Manuel Iglesias Turrión nació el 17 de octubre de 1978 en Madrid,[4][n. 1] hijo de Luisa Turrión, abogada del sindicato CCOO (e hija del histórico militante del PSOE Manuel Turrión de Eusebio),[6] y de Javier Iglesias, inspector de trabajo y profesor de historia jubilado, y, según Iglesias, ex miembro del Frente Patriótico Revolucionario Antifascista. [7][n. 2] Iglesias recibió el nombre de Pablo en honor a Pablo Iglesias, líder del movimiento obrero que fundó el Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) en 1879[9].

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He resigned as Minister and Vice-President of the Government to become a candidate for President of the Community of Madrid. On the same day of the elections to the Madrid Assembly of 2021, she announced that she was leaving the political front line due to her results.[8] In 2008 she obtained her Ph.
In 2008 he obtained his PhD, also at the Complutense University of Madrid, with a thesis on postnational collective action directed by Heriberto Cairo Carou with a grade of outstanding cum laude,[21][10] as well as the diploma of advanced studies in Political Science and Administration and the teaching certificate, with a grade of outstanding.[23] He also obtained a master’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, with a grade of outstanding.[24] In addition, he obtained a master’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, with a grade of outstanding.
In addition, she completed a Master’s degree in Humanities (2010) from the Carlos III University with a thesis on political analysis of cinema, and a Master of Arts in Communication (2011), a degree from the European Graduate School (Switzerland), where she took courses in media philosophy and studied political theory, cinema and psychoanalysis.[29]
In 2010, he began directing and presenting La Tuerka on Tele K,[31][32] a political talk show produced by the production company Con Mano Izquierda.[33] Because of problems with the licenses of Tele K and Canal 33, both networks began to broadcast part of their programming jointly, and La Tuerka moved to Canal 33 to broadcast live, broadcasting its program on deferred by Tele K.[34] Pablo Iglesias in 2012, as a street-level interviewer for La Tuerka.

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The breakup has already had a very important immediate consequence: the sale of the villa in Galapagar that they bought in 2018 for about 600,000 euros. Now they would have parted with the house for 660,000 euros, 60,000 more than the purchase price.
Informalia was also able to learn a few weeks ago that Irene also did not like that Pablo removed his ponytail, the symbol of another era. «The boss liked her boyfriend with a ponytail more than without it. Now she says she has lost a sign of identity», told us an official of the Ministry of Equality very close to the head of the portfolio.

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