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We are in a few months where we will see these more important moments where the weather will change. June 11. The weather will become cold and stormy. June 25-26 around the full moon the weather will become stormy again. During the month of July there are no other points as important as these. In August: Day 6 August. Day close to the new moon. The weather may become wintry. No other dates can be highlighted until November 6 when interesting things may be seen.
For the remainder of May. We should expect precipitation around the 20th for the north and northeast of the peninsula with stormy weather for the remaining days throughout the center and especially in the east and southeast. JUNE Stormy month The first ten days will be hot and with little precipitation. Around the 10th it will be stormy and rainy almost in general. Again from the 25th onwards it will be stormy and rainy again almost generally. From the 1st to the 10th it will be hot and stormy. It will be stormy throughout the interior and also throughout the northern half. Hot weather. Around the 10th-11th very stormy and rainy throughout the northern half, somewhat less rainy and stormy in the south. The stormy trend will return in the interior in the following days. As we approach the 20th, stormy weather in the interior, east and southeastern areas. Around the 20th very stormy weather throughout the northern half and less so in the south. Towards the 25th-26th thunderstorms and very cold weather.

0:07forecasts of evolution and intensity of tropical cyclone gita …فيسبوك – 14 feb 2018

Symbols and precipitation apply to the interval between the times indicated, wind and temperature forecast in Huelva is for the first hour indicated.Met Norway data, under Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD) 2.0 and Creative Commons 4.0 BY International license.
* The sensation temperature is calculated with the apparent temperature formula, based on a mathematical model of an adult, walking outdoors, in the shade (Steadman 1994). Unlike other indices, wind, humidity and temperature values are used throughout the thermometric range.

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To be right right now is quite impossible, it is normal that someone who makes a forecast so many days ahead can fail and for the record that no one has been wrong yet, because there are still days left for Monday/Tuesday and things can change a lot.
They are much more accurate than those on TV, who say what they see. This saturday aemet and forecast said snowfall, and now it is sunny, because in stormy weather it is almost impossible to predict. And I say that, overall, maneli and joseba nail it.
I certainly pay more attention to you than to the TV weather, as I said yesterday in another post, AEMET, has said that it will be a warm winter, that’s why I was super happy, because then it is the opposite.
On Monday an Atlantic squall comes from the south and momentarily changes the scenario to something warmer …but with more precipitation …and heights o.k to snow in formigal…I am almost sure that at all elevations but I am going to be reserved…of course for nothing elevation 2500 as some have said elsewhere

0:08cazatormentas.com – helena squall and associated mesovortices …facebook –

…endless undulations during the whole week …successive fronts with brief periods of even sunshine …snow levels at some point precipitating above the base of the station and at other times leaving us more than generous gifts …with a very strong resemblance to the situations we lived before December 13 …as if the weather marked with its behavior a parallelism between what is the entry of winter itself and its slow exit.
The day has been spectacular, but it seems to me that they have been closing slopes, and I say marked slopes, not itineraries, all the black ones closed, it does not seem normal to me, that is, that as soon as a snowfall of certain importance falls, the station is reduced to almost half, because almost all the kilometers that have been taken out of the sleeve to be the BIGGEST are «black slopes», and on top of that they threaten via public address with the withdrawal of ski passes.
The coming week is unstable with continuous fronts and squalls sweeping us especially the first part, with more bailongas snow levels, the second part of the week seems to bring so far a clearer rise in temperature, and some more stability, but we will see little by little.