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Places to visit in new york in the summertime

Canal St and Mott St. are its main arteries, but its most curious street is Doyers St, formerly known as Bloody Alley. This was where the tongs (street gangs) almost always ambushed each other.
Something normal when you see that it has been reduced literally to a single street, Mullberry St. The rest of the streets have been absorbed by Chinatown, so few Italians are left here.
Its popularity attracted the interest of speculators and rents started to skyrocket. Artists had no choice but to move to other areas. With them came boutiques, luxury stores and party venues, while art galleries, antique shops and vintage clothing stores remained.
And on the right, you will reach DUMBO (acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) with the mythical postcard of the city skyline with its two most famous bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.
The best known burger joints are Burger Joint (hidden in the Hotel Le Parker Meridien), Corner Bistro or Five Napkin Burger among others. But if there are two chains you should try, they are Shake Shack and Five Gyus to decide, for yourself, which one you like the most.

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What to do in new york with kids

Would you like to see the borough with a guide? You can sign up for a walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo. Some of the famous New York Contrasts tours also end the tour in the borough, so you can take the opportunity to visit it afterwards.
Stroll along the East River towards the Manhattan Bridge and you’ll come to one of the most magical spots in Dumbo: Pebble Beach, a pebble beach with spectacular views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.
Remember the neighborhood’s coffee kings, the Arbuckle Bros? They were the ones who created the rails, called the Jay Street Connecting Railroad, in the early 20th century to transport goods from the East River, where they arrived on barges, to the neighborhood’s warehouses and factories.
We could say that this idea is for visiting Dumbo with the kids, but why pretend? We also love to ride Jane’s Carousel, one of the most special carousels in New York. And it’s only $2, so there’s no excuse!

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What to do in new york for free

In this guide, we will start visiting Little Island from the south. Climb to the top of the mound (don’t forget to turn around on the way up to see the Empire State Building silhouetted against the Manhattan skyline) and you’ll find the Southwest Overlook.
In addition to seeing One World Trade Center rising in the Manhattan skyline, on clear days you will also see the Staten Island borough on the horizon and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, which connects it to the Brooklyn borough.
After the south observation deck, take one of the trails leading to The Amph, Little Island’s amphitheater. It seats 700 people and that’s where the island’s concert and performance schedule is performed.
But that didn’t stop thousands and thousands of people from gathering on and around the pier to welcome them, search for friends and family and hear the news of the sinking firsthand.

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At the end of Bryant Park facing 5th Avenue stands the main branch of the New York Public Library, which you may have seen in a thousand movies. It is free to enter, and just to see the wonderful Rose Main Reading Room is worth it.
From there you can also take the boats to the Statue, but visiting Liberty Island and Ellis Island will take you several hours, so, unless you are really looking forward to it, we would leave it for a longer trip than a week in New York.
You have two options: walking or biking. Bike rental companies are located on the streets south of the park, so whichever option you choose, you’ll start your day around 59th Street.
Here’s our favorite route through Central Park. You can start at the 5th Avenue entrance to the east (and visit the Plaza Hotel lobby, the stores on 5th, the Apple Store…), or at the Columbus Circle entrance to the west (and get something to eat at Whole Foods for a picnic in the park).

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